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Screen application digitone
Screen application digitone

Our Advantages

  • Make International Calls
    Make calls within 28 countries
  • Instant Activation
    Install Digitone on your phone, dial your number and start conversation
  • New User Bonus
    We give you up to 30 free minutes for your first phone calls
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Digitone Keeps Your Real Number Safe

Need a disposable second private number? This caller app can give you a second phone number for making local and international calls – quickly and easily.

Use a Digitone custom phone number in any situation where you need a temporary number and make phone calls using it when you prefer to stay private.

There is no contract, no long-term commitment, no need to buy an additional SIM card and swap it when you want to call from another number.

With your new phone number from Digitone, you can make a call and in just a few taps.

Why Should I Use Digitone?

Keep your privacy

No need to give your real phone number to strangers

Secure registration in apps

Phone number for shopping and online services

Another phone number for private calls

Have your business phone number

Give your company an international presence and be closer to your customers worldwide

Separate work from personal life with dedicated second line

Make cheap calls to a specific country

Travel around the world

Say goodbye to roaming charges

Register in local services with your new international number

Enjoy great rates for international calls

About Us

Founded more than 7 years ago and based in Latvia, T2i is a trusted and fast-growing IT company. We are committed to exporting quality IT solutions worldwide.

We have built the success of our company on quality products and satisfied customers.

One of our other advantages is the highest level of technical support.

Start using Digitone

Start using Digitone
  • Install Digitone on your phone
  • Get 0.50 EUR from Digitone for your first calls
  • Dial your number and start conversation

Download the App and try it for free

or scan the QR code with your phone

QR code digitone
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